SeaCode presents Hybrid-SourcingTM an innovative engineering service which creates high-end software engineering jobs in the U.S. while still providing lower overall costs for our clients. This approach combines the capabilities and convenience of our San Diego-based software engineering center with the proximity and reduced costs of our unique ship-based engineering facility. The result of this completely new business model is the creation of U.S. engineering jobs and lower blended costs for U.S. clients.

With Hybrid-SourcingTM
SeaCode brings already offshored jobs back to the U.S. and ensures that 90 cents of every dollar from our clients stays in the U.S. instead of flowing to foreign locations.


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Brings Back American Jobs

In our San Diego headquarters and at locations throughout the U.S SeaCode
is creating new high-end jobs for U.S. engineers - even bringing back jobs that had already left the country. By combining the skill and experience of our U.S.-based engineers and program managers with our unique ship-based offshore engineering capabilities we deliver to our clients the most desirable combination of American engineering talent and reduced blended cost.

Extremely Secure yet Very Accessible

Unsurpassed physical and virtual security --- including the protection of U.S. Intellectual Property laws. Our San Diego headquarters and our ship-based facilities feature state-of-the-art security and are conveniently located minutes from either San Diego International or Los Angeles International airports. Long costly trips to dangerous distant-shore locations are a thing of the past.

High Performance
Reduces Time to Market

Get 2X to 3X faster delivery of product using our unique Hybrid-SourcingTM methodology. Engineering centers at both our San Diego headquarters and our ship provide world-class facilities for development, convenient face-to-face collaboration and knowledge transfer. Coupled with state-of-the-art electronic conferencing this approach ensures timely and responsive delivery even in dynamic design situations.


With Hybrid-SourcingTM SeaCode stems the tide of American jobs flowing offshore while still providing competitive blended rates --- allowing American clients companies to stay competitive in the global marketplace.


Hybrid-SourcingTM ...Bringing US Jobs and Dollars back to America.